Support your child

Children are born and they desperately need someone to
support them, especially in their early years. This bond they need is their
parents, they are the ones who find close to them when they need something. It
is worth noting that parents’ support for their children strengthens the
relationship between them and makes parents heroes in the eyes of their

The following five things are among the most important
things that you should as parents, support your child when they need support in

Support him when he is sad:

 When your child
is sad – either because of a game he could not handle properly or because he
wanted to eat a large amount of candy but you did not allow him for fear of his
health or because of something else he stored – you do not have to be angry
with him and intimidate him in order to stop About crying if he cries because
these actions will affect him negatively, but you have to wipe over his
shoulder and try to make him laugh and then explain to him that everything is
in his favor so he should not be sad about small things like that and then
embrace him, then this will make you a bond for your child.

Support him with encouragement:

 Encourage your
child to study, or when he participates in a competition. Support him with
encouragement and raise his spirits, and tell him that you beleivein  his skills and that he is a smart child who
can win and even if he does not win, he will remain a champion for you. These
things make the child feel that he is not alone, but that he has strong support
to help him.

Support him when illness:

 children weaken
a lot when sickness and for this they need you to support them, do not leave
the child sick while doing your activities normally but rather try to sit near
him as long as possible and feel the tenderness then tell him that the disease
is an ordinary thing that all people pass through and that he will recover his
health soon And try to promise him a beautiful trip and a gift after he heals,
as this will support his psychological side. Use the fun games of Bright
Horizon to play with them and enjoy and forget the pain.

Support him in front of his friends:

 Your child
needs a lot of support in front of his friends in order to increase his
importance among them. Support him by providing what he needs to play with his
friends and by giving him space while playing with them without interfering
with what is going on between them except when necessary, as you must support
him not to shout at him in front of his friends and if he was wrong but rather
talk to him separately and quietly.

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