Monitor your child's morals

Monitor your child’s morals

Monitor your child’s morals

Ethics are one of the most important
things and elements that must be paid attention to in the formation of the
child, so care must be taken of his good morals and quality so that he can be a
good individual in society and set an example for others with his morals.

Be a model for your child
in ethics:

 It is unreasonable to teach your child good
morals and you are missing them, you must have morals first and then raise them
in your child and plant them in him . Because the child will not understand the
meaning of morality if you do not practice it in your daily life.

Ethics are cultivated from
a young age:

you must take care to raise morals and
monitor them in your child since childhood in order to be satiated with them
and understand their importance more as he gets older. Start this process when
you notice your child’s first signs of awareness. Don’t wait for your child to
grow up and gain morality on his own, this is a wrong idea.

Watch videos about ethics:

You can view videos to your child with
which he can learn good morals such as honesty, patience, kindness, generosity,
modesty, loyalty, sincerity, humility, forgiveness, mercy, righteousness,
contentment, concealment and thanksgiving. This is the most important ethics
that you must take care of in your children. It is desirable that these videos
be divided, that is, that each video is centered around one creation only, and
it is preferable that it be accompanied by a song that explains the importance
of this moral . Thus the child will understand what morals are and how they are

Acting :

 You can create situations at home, so that one
of the parents acts a person with good morals and the other is a person with
corrupt morals, and it is better to focus on creating one at a time, try to
show your child indirectly that the person with bad morals is a bad person
while A person with good manners is good. You can also create such situations
by using the educational games of Bright Horizon and replace yourself with two
characters from the games, this will establish the value of morality in the

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