Unleash your child's imagination

Unleash your child’s imagination

Unleash your child’s imagination

Imagination is the most important element of
creativity, so parents must develop the imagination of their children to be

Here are six things that enable you to
unleash the imagination of your children, i.e. bypassing reality and creating
ideas that do not exist:

Follow-up to science fiction

It is nice for the father, mother and them
children to meet in front of the TV to watch a science fiction movie, this will
give the child wonderful new ideas and will encourage him to imagine beautiful
scientific things, as this will lead him to ask about scientific things he did
not know existed.

Use of educational games:

educational games of Bright Horizon help expand the child’s imagination because
he can get many ideas for using the same game, and so he will develop his
imagination and increase his skills in dealing with games. The child can also
create scenarios Between the games pieces and excel in it. Here it is important
to emphasize that parents do not propose to the child what he will imagine, but
they must leave the field open for their child so that he does not seek refuge
in what is already there and prepared, but rather that he develops himself. New
things he brings from his imagination alone.

Competition for fairy tales:

Parents and their children can set aside
time to compete for who can come up with a great fairytale. It can also be a
round of elimination and the winner will receive a reward in order to motivate
the child. It is also possible to compete more than once and encourage the
child to imagine more, and even help him with some indicators that will enable
him to build imaginary ideas and link them together to get a beautiful fairy


Drawing is an effective way to raise the level
of imagination of a child and increase his creativity, so parents should
provide papers and colored pens for their children and give them a space and
time of their own so that no one approaches them so that his thinking is not
distracted and his imagination is lost. It is better to encourage the child to
paint and praise him, as well as to keep all the drawings of the child in a
special place and remind him from time to time in order to add that his
imaginations are not lost due to forgetfulness and until he takes pride in
himself and is motivated to imagine new things.

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