Raise your child's thoughts

Raise your child’s thoughts

Just as a child needs to feed his body with food and
drink, he also needs to feed his mind with ideas, and this responsibility rests
with the parents, so it is their duty to develop the intellectual skills of their
child and promote them so that he can attain high positions and be of great
standing among his acquaintances.

If you do these things, you will be able to advance
your child’s thoughts:

Talk to your child:

Talking with your child does not leave the brainstorm
an opportunity to occupy the brain, where you can tell stories to him or
discuss it in a simple matter as a meal or about a trip you made or anything
,the important is that you talk to your child even if he doesn’t not answer
you, this is normal Because of his young age, but nevertheless try to talk to
him at different times of the day because your words with him will carry some
ideas that are stored in his brain without awareness of him.

Reading books:

 Reading books
from various fields is an essential factor in building and developing the
child’s thought. The child can start reading children’s stories that suit his
age, and then move on to novels and books with excellent ideas. You can
motivate your child to read books by giving him as a reward after doing something.
It is also important to monitor the quality of books your child is reading.

Educational Games:

 Bright Horizon
presents to you a set of games that help to strengthen your child’s thinking,
as it provides him with the opportunity to use his mind intelligently, which
will develop the child’s smart skills.

Watching cultural programs:

 It is a good
idea to involve the child in watching cultural programs. Instead of watching a
father or mother, these programs alone It is better that the child watch them
with their parents . These cultural programs can be either a documentary
program about animals or the way people live or otherwise. It can also be a
program of cultural competitions where someone asks questions and the other is
given a period to think about the answer, then you should use this time limit
and encourage the child to think also from his place near you and Upon giving
the answer in the program, the child will discover whether he was right or
wrong, and thus his thought will mature and rise.


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