Share with your child

Share with your child

The child realizes that his parents
are the two people closest to him. He wants to share their activities and share
his activities with them. Parents also have a duty to ensure that their child
participates in various activities to avoid loneliness, especially if he is
their first child. So we will give you some activities that you can share with
your child.

Participation in house

 The involvement of the child in cleaning the
house works to notify the child that he is a member of the family that lives in
that house and that it is important. Also, cleaning the house collectively does
not cause much fatigue and gives the child and his parents the opportunity to
spend more time while they are together.

Participation in child’s play:

 When parents share with their child his time
of their playing, he feels that they are close to him and rejoice more, which
increases his activity and works to improve the relationship between the child
and his parents. Parents can also benefit from Bright Horizon games, as they
are educational games that children and their parents can play together.

Participation in preparing

Parents should involve their child as
much as possible in preparing meals and placing dishes on the table because
this matter pleases the child and gives him some value among his family as he
will develop some teamwork skills and will learn many simple things about
preparing food.

Child participation while
conjuring up memories:

it is normal for parents to remember their
childhood, how they spent it, and remember their first days together , then
remember the first days of their child. But the importance of engaging the
child at this time should not be overlooked. Rather, he should be told most of
the memories and give him commemorative photos if they exist to see and see how
his parents looked like when they were young because this would make him
realize that his parents did not exist as big as he saw them but they were
young like him in the past . He should also be involved in talking about him
during his pregnancy, then during his breastfeeding period, then when he
started walking and talking, and here parents must be patient about the many
questions that he will start asking

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