Be an example for your child

Be an example for your child

Be an example for your child

spend most of their time with their parents, they notice all their behaviors  and sayings, then they imitate them so that
they imitate them in the way they speak and use the words their parents use,
they also imitate them in their reactions and how they deal with others.

Do not force your child to
follow you as example:

 As a father or mother you do not have to say
these phrases to your child: “I your example in life”, “Follow me as  example” “Be like me” because by saying these
statements to your child you will obscure his personality and he will feel that
you did not appreciate him and did not respect his choice in what he will be
and will turn what you wanted to the opposite and whoever will not follow you
in anything.

Be a good example for your

 Since your child notices all your actions and
sayings, you must show good deeds and sayings in order to be a good example for
him, and one of the most important things that you have to pay attention to is
their quality in front of your child:

Your words:

The child pays attention a lot to the
words that you use during your speech , and therefore you should take care not
to utter words that are offensive, ugly or offensive to a person or a group,
and you should pay attention to the way you speak so that you are not mocking
in a bad way or cursing people so that your child does not imitate this.

Your reactions:

You must pay attention to your
reactions in front of your child, so that you do not shout exaggeratedly or get
angry in a frightening way as you do not have to cry or grief tragically. But
on the contrary, you have to be calm and wise  in which you show some wisdom. This will make
your child able to control his reactions when he is exposed to a situation. You
can use educational games to gain more control over his reaction when he
mistakes the game.

Your clothes:

 The child monitors the quality of your clothes
and the way you coordinate clothes, and therefore you have to take care of your
clothes and teach this to your child, from the importance of maintaining
cleanliness to folding and arranging them in their wardrobe. It is also
important to be an example for your child in choosing appropriate clothes for
every occasion. For example, it is not correct to wear summer clothes in the
winter or vice versa. You can make him follow this example by applying it and
saying: “This is winter, then I will wear hot clothes that warm me.”
Say it in an audible voice in front of him . Without directly addressing
him and understanding the meaning, whoever has done he will do the same .

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