Prepare your child for future accidents

Prepare your child for future accidents

Prepare your child for future accidents

Naturally, the future carries with it
accidents that we do not expect, some of which may have serious consequences
that could have been avoided and not caught if they were prepared to take the
necessary precautions.

Here are some incidents that you may
experience in the future with your children and how to avoid their bad

Lack of money:

 You may be exposed in the future to the
problem of lack of money either because of stopping work or because of something
else, this matter will impose on you and your children some financial
pressures. It is better to prepare your children and tell them that it is
possible to be exposed to such in the future so that they are not shocked or
surprised by what will happen. tell them that if the family’s money decreased,
the secondary matters that they now enjoy will not remain for them, and that
the family will become economical in their purchases, and that the trips and
travel will not be able to. Say these things to your children until they
prepare psychologically for what may happen and until they start saving some
pocket money to take advantage of it in a circumstance like this.

Changing the home or

 Tell your children that in the future you may
have to change the home you are currently living in or the school they are
studying in. Also tell them that changing the home or school is a normal thing
that might happen to anyone. Also show them the benefits of changing a home or
school, as they will be able to meet new people and go to new places.

Exposure to an accident
outside the home:

 Prepare your children to prepare themselves in
the event of an accident outside the home and they were alone, that is, no one
with them to help them. Give them your phone numbers to remember and leave a
copy on a piece of paper to put in their bags or pockets of clothes. Also tell
them to always carry paper napkins and a bottle of water with them alongside
the medical labels.

 A fight occurred
between the father and the mother:

Tell your children that if you fight
for some reason – we advise you not to quarrel in front of your children – they
do not have to worry about that,  tell
them also that you will still love them. And assure them not to take sides,
because you will remain equal in their love and interest in them.

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