Is my child always right

Is my child always right

Is my child always right

If adults have the possibility of
error, then how can a child always be right. Indeed, the child can be right in
most things and most of the time, but not always and in all matters.

Here are the most important things
that may make your child wrong and not right:

Child’s ignorance of the

One of the causes of error in
something, is  ignorance of it or lack of
sufficient information about it. If your child comes to you and informs you
that someone has insulted him, you do not have to judge that what your child
said is absolutely true, especially if he is of a young age, but rather you
must make sure that his statement is correct first because that one may have
praised him or only spoke with him, but your understood some of his words wrong
and thought he was cursing him. In this case, you have to explain to your child
the meaning of the words that the other person said to him so that he does not
fall into the same situation again. The important thing is to make sure that
your child is correct, as he may not understand some things very well.


 In some cases where a child may feel jealous
of his siblings or someone else or feel that no one cares about him or pay
attention to him, he tries to draw the attention of his parents to him by doing
or saying something he knows is wrong. As he can cry only just by crying and
screaming until his parents hear him, he can deliberately stumble and fall to
the ground in front of them or even break something to stir attention. The child
can also tell his parents that he is sick and he cana ct it in front of them to
care more about him and feel loved by them. Parents are advised to make sure
that everything their child do or say is correct or not so they do not fall
into unexpected problems.

Fear of punishment:

 Your child may not be right when he feuds with
another child – either one of his brothers or one of his friends – when he
complains to you that he is wronged, verify the matter and he may lie for fear
of punishment or reprimand


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