How do I make my child cooperative

How do I make my child cooperative

Cooperation is a characteristic that must be developed
in a child in order to become cooperative with others, so that he should not
depend on others to do what he has to do or monopolize the entire work for him
because it will be difficult for him to complete it correctly at the
appropriate time.

Here are some things that will help you make your
child more helpful:


contributes to raising cooperation in your child, as he will be able to work in
a group that will be inside the home of parents and brothers. You can include
the child in household chores to help you, but make sure that you do not
receive difficult tasks for him or let him work alone, this is not cooperation,
but rather you have to give him the tasks that he can do compared to his age
and body structure, such as folding clothes so that your child and his brothers
sit and fold the clothes and Collectively arranged. You can also ask your child
to work with you in the kitchen so that each person has a small mission of his
own and there is no harm in helping your child to arrange the dishes and cups
at the table. Take advantage of the work of arranging and cleaning the house,
as they are collective actions by nature, as you do not have to leave your
child seated and you work for fear of fatigue, as this will raise laziness and
lethargy, but ask a gentle way to help you in what he can do.

Do not make orders:

 One of the
characteristics of cooperation is that it is done voluntarily, not by force,
i.e. cruel words and orders should not be used to make the child cooperate with
you in anything, but rather set him up for cooperation . For example, after he
finished playing Bright Horizon games, do not shout at your child, saying:
“Come on, lazy, collect your toys, arrange them, and talk to me only after
doing this.” In this blunt way, your child will arrange his toys, but his
respect for you and for himself will begin to back down. So it is better to
tell your child to quietly arrange his toys, saying: “My dear child, since your
toys have been enjoyed you and you have learned from them by virtue of being
educational games, you should arrange them in a way that is appropriate for
them not to be lost or damaged.” Thus, your child will understand that he must
cooperate and organize his games.


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