Consult your child

Consult your child

Many parents and mothers may overlook
the importance of consulting their children on some matters, as parents
’consultation with their child on common matters increases the child’s sense of
his value in the family and makes him sure that his parents trust him and his
opinion, and this is important in the relationship between family members.

Among the most important things you
should consult with your child:

Choosing clothes:

 It is important that you consult your child
first before buying clothes for him, so your opinion is not enough only, but
his opinion must also be taken within reasonable limits, because if you do not
consult him and the clothes do not like him, this will become an obligation on
him and this will disturb the relationship between you and your child . Also at
home, you should not impose clothes that a child will wear either at home or to
go to school – unless the child wants to wear something completely
inappropriate or untidy that will appear badly in front of others – rather you
should consult him on how to coordinate his clothes so that you can advise him.


It is not reasonable to have your
child follow an animated movie that he does not like, but rather to consult
with him in any film that he will watch because this will make him feel that he
decides on the things he loves, and it is better not to leave him the freedom
of absolute choice, but to consult him in a specific group of Films so that
they are useful and develop the skills of the smart child.

Some of your own matters:

This is intended to consult him and
ask him about his opinion on some of your clothes, for example: Do you wear
black or white. Or you ask him about his opinion about your hairstyle or the
shoe that will fit with your clothes, these consultations feel that the child
is important to his parents, and it is very necessary to show him that you have
listened to his opinion and that you have taken it so that the child does not
feel that his opinion has no value with his parents. You can also consult him
in one of the meals, meaning what you will prepare for that meal, and make sure
to prepare what the child answered, if possible


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