Strengthen your child's personality

Strengthen your child’s personality

the child’s personality is very important because it will enable him to
overcome many obstacles in his life, and it is one of the duties of parents
towards their children. It also avoids the child’s weakness of character and

that help you strengthen your child’s personality:

your child:

 Praising the child makes him happy and
confident of himself in the matter that you praised him, Show him that he was
able to amaze you with what he did and that you are waiting for more from him
then presented to the words of encouragement and praise such as: You are
strong, you have managed to do it, you are wonderful, My child is distinguished
and has a strong personality, these phrases strongly affect the subconscious
part of his brain and are reflected in his awareness of the child showing his
strong personality.

him to integrate:

with others helps to strengthen the child’s personality, as he fights
loneliness, shyness, and fear of others, as these feelings are characteristic
of the weak personality. Encourage your child to integrate with all members of
the extended family, especially those who are close to his age, also encourage
him to integrate with his colleagues in the neighborhood or school and talk to
them because this plays a major role in building a strong personality.

Teach him
many things:

strengthen your child’s personality, teach him many things and in various
fields, because when he looks at his many information, he will appreciate and
respect himself, which will strengthen his personality and feel this strength.

in his abilities:

 Show your child that you believe in him and
what he can do so that he can believe in himself, and take great care to avoid
smashing his feelings or aspirations or trying to embarrass him or show his
weakness in something he could not do, as these actions will weaken his


One of
the reasons for the strength of the child’s personality is his psychological
comfort and his inner quietness. Psychological disorder weakens the personality
and opens the way for confusion and hesitation, which is met by firmness and
self-confidence of the strong person. So try to provide a comfortable
atmosphere for the child so that the screaming or noise is not exaggerated.

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