Our life with our children at home

Our life with our children at home

  Our life with our children at home
Children spend most of their time at home, especially before entering primary
school or kindergarten, so parents have to take care of the quality of time
they spend with their children at home, by doing some work on things that we
show you:

from dangers at home:

 You must
make sure that children are kept away from the kitchen so that they are not
exposed to the heat of the fire, or the knife or some foods such as Lemon that
may harm them in their eyes if mistakenly sprayed on them. You should also pay
attention to the windows, it should not be open to the end, they might slip in
an attempt to discover the outside world. He also should take care of removing
some furniture that may hinder the child while walking, especially if he is
walking, and he may collide with it and stumble. Protect your children from
toys that are not appropriate for their age, as they may mistake it for
ingestion or the like.

from addiction to electronic devices:

 The children of this generation are now
attached to the screens, i.e. phones and computers, either on social networking
sites, or they follow a series or a movie. This is not a problem, but rather it
is about children and entertaining, but if they exceed the reasonable limit,
this becomes dangerous to their health. Because it affects their sleep, their
appetite to eat and their desire to mix with others. So, you have to set aside
a specific time for the phone for your children, and you should monitor the
content of what your children watch without feeling it, because they will lose
their confidence in you.

  A happy child is better than a clean

some mothers overlook the interest in
the home and clean it, but it is therefore at the expense of the children, so
the interest in them becomes little to the point of spacing between the two
parties, so as a result, the happiness of the children decreases and they feel
frustrated. .

  Be a role model for your son:

Since the child spends most of his
time at home, he should see the example that will build his life in a similar
way to him.

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