How do I make my child positive

How do I make my child positive

How do I make my child positive

Making the
child positive is a basic and noble goal of raising the child. The positivity  keeps him away from negative thoughts, gives
him vitality and activity, and also develops his creative skills and enables
him to acquire the skills of a smart child.

Here are
some important things that you should get used to in raising your child to be
satisfied with positivity:


 The positive news that a child hears during
the day is a major door to enter the positive world, which means that care must
be taken that the information, news and sayings you are trading at home or that
are displayed on the TV screen so that not all or most of them are centered
around Social problems, crime or accidents, these things give the child bad
feelings that make him passive. Instead of this news, the child should be
informed about positive news, such as assistance programs for those in need,
creative children’s programs, or targeted entertainment programs.


 Home décor plays an important role in building
a positive personality for the child, as this décor must be lively,
characterized by clear and calm colors, and may contain beautiful and specific
graphics. Stay away from wallpaper in many colors or dark, and be sure to clean
your child’s room, especially his bed. Use the educational bright horizon games
to decorate your child’s room because they are designed with beautiful shapes
and vibrant colors that give your child a positive feeling when using them.


provide novels and books with good content for your child, because free reading
gives the child positive ideas through which he will be able to make good


sports, especially collectively, that is, with the participation of all family
members, gives your child a good feeling because it relieves him of the
negative feelings that he has accumulated and gives him vitality and activity.
By repeating these exercises twice a week, for example, you will plant the
positive in your child.


 Encourage your child to be positive by saying
positive words and phrases to your child, such as: “My child is positive and
has an active spirit.” Also make sure that your child’s words are positive so
that he describes himself as positive rather than negative ones because it will
affect him without feeling it.

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