How do I make my child a leader

How do I make my child a leader

How do I make my child a leader

Each child has his own personality, which is distinguished from other children. There is an introverted child, a shy child, a creative child, and a mysterious child, but in this article we will focus on the child leader and we will shed light on practical ways for parents to make their child a leader.

Here are four important things for this:

Holding the child accountable:

One of the most important characteristics of a leader is being responsible, that is why parents should give their child an opportunity to take responsibility in matters that he can implement according to his age, physical strength, and skill development. Among these things: being entrusted with folding his clothes permanently because they will become his mission and not his parents ’task, holding him fully responsible in caring for his books and school tools and making sure of his duties, holding him responsible for making sure to take full meals and cleaning his own dishes.

Positive thinking:

 Thinking is an essential factor in forming a leadership personality for a child, because positive thoughts are what enable the child to make the right decisions. The child acquires positive thinking by reading leadership books and great movies.

Acting as Leader:

Acting as a leading person helps to gain a truly leading personality, and Bright Horizon games in which a child can play the role of a leader visualize himself as a leader where he can place his toys in the form of characters above the table and stand with confidence in himself and Make him imagine these games as real people who lead them and who can give orders, but parents must take care of the sobriety of the orders the child gives and therefore the smart child’s skills in it must be developed.


 It is impossible for a leader to be a person who depends on others for making and implementing decisions, this means that self-reliance skills must be developed in the child in order for him to become a leader, as parents must leave space for the child to manage his own matters He did it and not help him at all, thus we build the quality of leadership for the child.

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