Befriend your child

Befriend your child

Befriend your child

Befriending your child and approaching
him avoids you most of the problems that may occur between the father or mother
and their child, so forming a friendship between the parents and their child
makes both parties closer to each other and makes warm in the relationship of
parenting and this gives the child a greater position in the family and also
stimulates the child to be frank His parents, with his problems and mistakes,
do not become fear over him in his relationship with his parents.

Understanding the child:

 The parents must understand their child, that
is, note the things he likes and the things he does not like, as they must know
the way he thinks and realizes the things that surround him then understand
his. His actions must also be analyzed, and parents  should pay attention to his reactions, as it
helps a lot to understand the child’s personality. It is also important to note
the skills the child acquires to know whether he is dynamic, creative or
introvert …

Providing safety for the

Parents must notify the child of
safety when he is with them, that is, by not intimidating the child, reducing
his value or depriving him of the things he loves, whether it is toys or
others. When a child feels safe with his parents, they are allowed to enter his
own shell, which includes his problems, aspirations and desires.

Doing what the child does:

What is meant is that if the parents
notice that their child is playing, they should give him time and play with
him, and if he draws, they should sit near him and notice his drawings, such
things that make the parents close to their child while doing the things he
loves, he loves them more. This enables them to easily accompany the child so
that the child accepts his friendship with his parents. It is also important to
stress that the child is not asked for friendship, he will not understand this
well and will further drive him away from his parents.

Sharing  his private life:

Parents should set aside time to sit
with their child and chat with parties, then discuss his problems and what
disturbs him, whether at home or at school, and it is desirable that the
parties at this time be sitting in front of the TV to watch an animated movie
that the child loves or during Preparing a meal that he loves because the child
will get rid of his awareness and start talking about his privacy for his
parents, and he will also start asking his parents about their lives, and this
will start the relationship of friendship between the child and his parents, and
the relationship in which the parents have full control over their child will
be relatively far away.

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