Lacing Blocks

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Lacing Blocks

– Lacing Blocks are one of the most entertaining and interesting toys for your child.

– There is toy of Lacing Blocks in the Bryto Store for toys, educational toys and skills development.

– Suitable for children from the age of one year to the age of 8 years.

– For use with normal children and children with special needs.

– It is found in kindergartens, schools, and private centers.

– Working to teach the child the concept of difference and similarity.

– This relaxing toy is a kind of purposeful entertainment.

– The child learns the geometric shapes and the difference between them.

– Help the child learn the concept of big and small and the gradation between sizes.

– It helps the child learn the skill of problem-solving and helps to strengthen his intelligence.

– One of the best group play that helps your child in social participation and cooperation.

– It helps children to experiment and find new alternatives and ideas as well as help them innovate.

Lacing Blocks aim to

1- Strengthening the child’s focus and attention.

2- Development of visual-motor synergy.

3- Learn about geometric shapes.

4- Development of the delicate muscles of your child.

5- Development of the concept of consistency.

Lacing Blocks consists of

1- wooden box with it, a group of cubes divided into

– Cubes in the form (triangle, rectangle, circle, square, stars, oval).

– Cubes with numbers and other drawings and shapes on them.

2- group of colored strings.

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