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The maze is one of the types of games that activate the mind and contain several methods, including easy and complex, which require finding the right way to reach the end of the maze, and there are several rules for solving them, the most prominent of which is the right-hand rule, which is the right-hand wire from the beginning until reaching the end.

Maze game for children is one of the very useful games to stimulate the child’s eyesight, as well as for memory and concentration.

Among its types: a simple maze game for children, and an advanced game in difficulty according to the child’s age. The maze game trains the child in accuracy, focus and not despair; Because he keeps trying several times to reach the open road and then finds it blocked, so he tries from another road, and so on.

The maze game helps the child to develop visual focus skills, develop mental skills, and also contribute to the use of time in useful things and increase the child’s Insistence to reach the goal.

Development of visual focus skills: Visual focus is one of the most important things that must be taken care of in the child’s development. Therefore, the maze game that we present to your children helps them greatly to focus their eyes on the paths in order to reach the correct place or point, and this thus contributes to the child’s exposure to cases of visual impairment or distraction because he will keep his eyes on the different and intertwining paths for quite a while. Your child will also be able to raise the level of his observation strength and develop the skills of accuracy in determining the starting point and the end point and distinguishing the wrong way from the right path faster, in addition to that his eyes will have strong muscles capable of avoiding a range of possible eye pain.

Development of mental skills: The development of mental skills in children at an early age is of utmost importance, as they must be trained constantly to develop their ways of thinking and thus make their ideas enjoy positive and creative at the same time so that they can develop good and useful plans for their lives and lay out lofty goals As well as a process that they strive to achieve as they grow little by little. This is because all parents strive to make their children distinguished by mental abilities and wonderful mental skills such as speed in thinking, good thinking and the ability to calculate well, especially mental arithmetic, developing the skills of looking at things from multiple sides, understanding difficult situations, understanding the difference between things and wisdom in that and Accepting reality as it is and even developing it to fit what is required. In short, our maze game will help you a lot to achieve the first stages in developing the smart baby skills of your child.

Exploiting time in useful matters: With the development of electronic devices and the widespread use of screens for a long time, children’s pleasure has become dependent on sitting in front of a television, phone or computer screen. These methods are really enjoyable, but they are terribly time consuming and exhaust the child’s health so much that his intelligence level decreases little by little. But our maze game does not harm the health of the child at all in all respects, it is of course a successful investment where the child’s time is not wasted on trivial matters because it is very beneficial as we mentioned previously.

Insistence on reaching the goal: The maze game gives the child a love of discovery because every time he follows a wrong path, his desire to discover which paths is the right one , meaning that his insistence on reaching the goal will increase , that will benefit him in his life in general because achieving the goals needs insistence on that.

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