Push & Pull Along Toys

Push & Pull Along Toys

Push & Pull Along Toys

Children at the age of about two years are in urgent need of learning to walk and simple movement such as running slowly or jumping and sometimes throwing things with his hands, this is the beginning of discovering the outside world and realizing things that the child did not know or do out of his instinct. This is why the child must be stimulated to discover his surroundings and pull and push toys are perfect for this.

The withdrawal and payment games that we provide for your children are not ordinary games without advantages, but rather they provide your Childe with a set of privileges, the most important of which are:

Learning to walk: Pull-pull games are educational games from a physical point of view for your child and what is meant by the physical aspect, because they allow him to walk and this is what the child needs, that is, it trains him to walk and removes his laziness and lethargy at the same time. For example, if your child plays with it while he is sitting, he will push it to move the game away from him a little, and because it is fun games, he will have to make a freeze to go to it and return the ball. Do not be afraid of you that learning to walk at an early age is very important, as it is beneficial to the child’s health in all respects. Thanks to the push and pull games that we offer for your Childe, your dear Childe will be able to build healthy and warm legs thanks to muscle stimulation for a healthy effort in very enjoyable conditions.

Use of most of the senses: Pull and push games have amazing properties that make your child train to use his various organs and senses, as he will be able to learn to walk, as we mentioned earlier, and by that, he will use his legs well, and as he walks to reach his game, he will be able to look back and walk to At the front at the same time, as soon as they called him or made a sound, drawing attention while he was walking. In addition, he will move his hands and use most of the joints in them, such as elbows, elbows and shoulders, when he catches the toy and moves it between his hands and then turns it, pulls it and pushes it. Moreover, he will use his eyes to inspect the game in terms of its parts and colors, which we are keen to be useful for your child. Another thing is that these toys allow your toddler to use his ears as well to hear their neutral sound.

Correct discovery of things: Be sure that the pull and push games that we offer to your children will enable them to first discover their surroundings and this will be in a completely correct way, for example by pushing the child to the toy or pulling it to him, he will understand – with repeating this process – that things that have wheels can turn and complete the path By itself, after giving it a push or pull, and he will also understand the meaning of cars and their benefit to us. It sounds like an exaggeration, but these perceptions are already taking place in a young child’s mind, albeit unconsciously.

Excellence in safety: We know very well that children at a young age are not aware of the danger of small objects and small pieces that make up games. The child may swallow them without awareness of the danger of the matter, God forbid. That is why we make sure that our push-and-pull toys are safe for your children, whether in terms of the materials used, meaning that they are not a source of diseases caused by poor quality plastic materials, and this means that we use high-quality materials or parts that make up the game. .

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