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Yoyo Toy

– You will not find a child who did not play this game, as it is one of the special and loved ones for children.

– The game is characterized by being multicolored that attracts children’s attention

– It is a safe and suitable toy for your young children, and it is made of the finest types of wood that keep your child safe.

– The yoyo toy is suitable for children from the age of two years to the age of 9 years and more.

– Help the child to have good coordination between hands and eyes.

– Make your child participate in play with children and organize competitions between them.

– It increases focus and attention in your child and strengthens his intelligence.

– It works to enhance the confidence within children and their desire to learn new things constantly.

– It help your baby reduce stress and relaxes greatly.

– yoyo toys range from easy to difficult.

– There is also this game in the Bryto Store for toys, educational toys and skills development, and it is the store that is interested in providing games that your child can learn and benefit from.

– Using the yo-yo game, you can control the body’s muscles, balance it, and make certain movements that help encourage your child’s abilities.

How to play the yoyo toy:

– This game requires agility and coordination to successfully and easily coordinate the yoyo.

– Throwing the yo-yo toward the bottom and holding it on the outside so that the chain hangs down toward the ground.

– Wrap the thread on the yo-yo and wrap the thread from the other direction on the finger, and it must be the finger, not the hand, because it is difficult to control the hands with the thread, with the loop being repeated twice to three.

– Extend the arm downward, release the fingers and throw the yo-yo once, then point your palm downward to catch the yoyo.

Yoyo Toy consists of:

– Axial shaft.

– Two cylinders of wood.

– The rope is tied at one end to the axial column, while the other end has a loop the size of the index finger.

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