Wooden Xylophone

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SKU: BHT59771 Category:

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Wooden xylophone

– Children who learn music are more likely to understand and learn faster than others, as playing a musical instrument makes the brain able to pick up and store information faster.

– Available on Bryto Store for educational toys and skills development.

– It can be purchased for many places for children, it is suitable and loved for children in kindergartens, schools and centers for developing skills.

– Xylophone is suitable for children from 3 years to 6 years old.

– It contains attractive and varied colors that attract your child’s attention.

– Made of the finest types of wood that is safe for your child.

it developing many skills besides playing and entertaining

1- Learning music gives the child self-confidence, so playing in front of people, whether they are parents, friends or on a stage gives a kind of awe.

2- It stimulates the child’s remembering, memorizing and learning skills.

3- The child learns innovative ways of thinking and creativity.

4- Develop the communication skills of the young.

5- Get rid of the negative energy and make him smile and happy.

6- Treating the problems of distraction, nervousness, and hyperactivity, by paying attention to sounds and colors.

7 – raise the skills of listening, and teach the child to distinguish between melodies and songs, making him have a distinctive musical ear.

 This interesting game consists of distinctive

– A machine consisting of several pieces made of wood, numbering 6 pieces of different lengths and colors, and mounted on a solid piece of wood and the child hits it with a wooden paddle … and if we look at the shape of this instrument, we find that the pieces of wood are arranged in the same system as the piano.