Wooden Castle Play

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SKU: BHT50310 Category:

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Wooden castle play

– It is a set of wooden cubes and models that the child assembles to eventually become in the shape of a castle.

– This toy is available on the Bryto Store for toys, educational tool and skills development.

wooden castle game develops several skills, including:

Help your child to strengthen his delicate muscles and how to hold things tightly.

– It works to develop the skill of the visual-kinesthetic coordination between eye and hand movement in your child.

– To develop the skill of arranging and coordinating between things.

– Developing a group spirit and love of cooperation and participation among his friends.

– Develop the creative and innovative side of your child.

– Developing the skill of problem-solving and self-reliance, which helps increase the child’s self-confidence.

– Help your child to understand the concept of integration of the pyramid structure and the concept of disassembly and installation.

– This game is suitable for children from 4 years old to 10 years old or more.

– This game is used in schools, kindergartens, and young learning centers.

– One of the group games that teach your child to participate and interact with others and form friendships.

– The wooden castle game is made of the finest types of wood, which preserves the health of your child.