Threading Cheese

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Threading Cheese

– It is considered one of the most important toy that develop children’s motor skill and help to focus and control the movement of his hands.

– It develops the child’s ability to know the relationship of things with each other, such as mouse and cheese.

– This toy is similar to needle and thread, here the child inserts the mouse connected to the rope into the cheese slots.

– Threading Cheese is available on Bryto Store for toys, Educational toys and skills development

These movements help to develop and strengthen many skills: –

1- Strengthening the delicate muscles that aid in the writing process.

2- It helps to increase the concentration and attention of the child during the joining of the cord.

3- It stimulates the child to develop his vocabulary while playing and discussing the rat and cheese relationship.

4- It strengthens the skill of visual motor synergy.

5- Developing the child’s hand movement and his ability to control his nerves and facilitate the writing process.

It is an interesting and beloved game for children from 3 years old to 6 years old.

– Finally, Bryto Store cares about everything that is suitable for your child in facilitating the learning process, spending free time and developing his skills, so a game of joining beads is available to us.