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– The link and knock toy is characterized by many features as it is made of the finest types of wood that protect your child, and its colorful and attractive colors attract the child’s eyes.

– The toy of connecting and methods is available at the Bryto Store for toys, educational tools and skills development as it cares about everything related to your child as well as provides what is suitable for him.

– This toy is allowed from 2 years old to 7 years old.

– There is a toy of connecting and roads in schools, kindergartens, and most places of children’s learning.

– Help your child to strengthen his delicate muscles and how to hold things tightly.

– This toy helps your child to master the skill of jaw, connection, and hammering.

– This toy can help your child learn some educational skills, such as counting on objects and learning different colors.

– It works to develop the group spirit and love of cooperation and participation among his friends.

– Help the pre-school child how to hold the pen.

– It works to develop the skill of the visual-kinesthetic coordination between eye and hand movement in your child.

– It help your child in self-reliance, which helps increase the child’s self-confidence.

This toy consists of:

– A wooden board fixed on a wooden base.

The wooden plate has a number of holes.

– A set of wooden nails that the child attaches and knocks into the holes in the wooden board.

– wooden hammer.