Modulmax 120 pcs

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Model Max 120 pieces

– Puzzle games are among the games that attract the child’s attention and draw attention to them.

– Model Max 120 pieces game develops intelligence in your child as well as develops his brain cells.

– This game help your child develop and strengthen his delicate muscles.

– It works to develop the skill of visual-motor synergy in the child between hand and eye movement.

– You develop the skill of solving problems, which increases the child’s self-confidence and dependence on them.

– This game help your child to increase concentration and attention while putting together the parts of the game.

– This game develops your child the skill of jaw and composition.

– It is used in kindergartens, children’s learning centers, and special centers for people with special needs.

– Help your child learn to coordinate between different colors and sizes.

– It develops the concept of building and reconstruction.

– It is allowed to use this game from 3 years old to 11 years old or more.

– There is a game to include farm animals in the Bryto Store, which cares about everything suitable for your child in facilitating the learning process, spending free time and developing his skills.

Model Max game consists of:

– 120 pieces of Basel parts are installed nested and in a certain way in order to get a specific shape.

– With the game there are pictures of some shapes and ideas that help the child to build.