Magnetic Dress Up – Girl

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SKU: BHT59652 Category:

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Magnetic Dress Up – Girl

– Girls are interested in clothes and fashion, so this game represents one of the most important games for girls.

– This game help your child learn to order and maintain her clothes.

– The game teaches the child about the types of clothes, whether summer or winter clothes.

– Make your child play the role of motherhood with her bride and work on me

Magnetic Dress Up -Girl develops many skills for your child, including:

1- Developing the skill of coordination in colors and choices.

2- Developing the skill of focusing and paying attention to the choices that you make.

3- Development of the jaw and composition skill, which help to strengthen its delicate muscles.

4- It also works to develop the skill of visual-motor synergy between the eye and the hand.

Help your child to identify the types of clothes and the finest materials.

– The game is distinguished by that it contains bright colors that attract your child’s attention to it.

– This game help your child develop her tendencies and desires.

– This game is suitable for children from 3 years old to 10 years old and more.

– This game is used in schools, kindergartens, and children’s learning centers.

– Magnetic Dress Up – Girl is available on the Bryto Store for toys, educational toys and skills development.

Magnetic Dress Up – Girl consists of:

– Magnetic wooden figure in the form of a girl.

– A group of girls’ clothes of magnetic wooden materials with multiple shapes and watts.

– Each piece is installed in its place until we get a nice looking complete set.