Lace and Trace Shapes

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Lace &Trace Shapes

Bryto Store, cares about everything that is suitable for your child in facilitating the process of learning, spending leisure time and developing his skills, so this store includes a toy to combine geometric shapes.

– It is considered one of the most important toys that develop children’s motor skill and help them focus and control the movement of their hands

A toy Lace &Trace Shapes develops several goals, including:

1- Strengthening the delicate muscles that help him in the writing process.

2- It help to increase the focus and attention of the child during the attachment of the rope in the specified places.

3- Motivate the child to develop the concepts of geometric shapes in him.

4- It strengthens the skill of visual coordination between eye and hand movement.

This little girl help your child to recognize different colors.

– This toy is suitable for children from the age of two years to the age of 8 years or more.

– This toy is based on attracting your child’s attention as it is characterized by the bright colors that your child desires

– The toy helps your child learn to decode and assemble.

– This toy help your child learn to perform life skills such as tying couch shoes.

It is used in kindergartens, children’s learning centers, and special centers for people with special needs.

A Lace &Trace Shapes consists of:

– group of geometric shapes such as (square – triangle – rectangle – scent … etc.).

– set of colored strings.

– The thread is tamped into the holes in the geometric shapes in a certain way.