ECO Friendly Dollhouse

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SKU: BHT50115 Category:

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ECO Friendly Dollhouse

– A doll house is the dream of every little girl who wants to let her imagination play and control her own house, imitate her mother in the housework, and help expand children’s horizons of thinking, creativity and imagination.

– Doll House Eco helps children, especially girls, express their energy and need to play in a healthy and loving way.

– It is considered one of the interesting games that develop many skills such as: –

1- Developing the child’s vocabulary and forming large sentences while playing.

2- It develops the child’s imagination and creativity while playing, talking with the doll and issuing orders to it.

3- Help in teaching children the rules and obligations of the home and dealing with it.

4- Add new vocabulary to children’s outcome.

5- It develops the child’s social skills and helps him develop properly.

– It is one of the games that our young children delight as a gift.

– A game made of the finest materials that is safe for your little girl, and is intended for children’s reckless use.

– This game is suitable for children from the age of three years and above.

– This game is suitable for children, especially girls, and the children’s corner in clinics, hospitals, restaurants and kindergartens.

– Finally, this unique and beloved game for your children is available in the Bryto Store for educational toys and skills development.