Crane Lift w/Dumper

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SKU: BHT51616 Category:

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Crane Lift w/Dumper

– Many of our boys, children, wish to become engineers, and the crane and tipper are among the best toys that help them achieve this.

– Crane Lift w/Dumper toy available on the Bryto Store for toys, educational toys and skills development.

– Crane Lift w/Dumper toy suitable for children from 4 years old to 9 years old.

– Crane Lift w/Dumper toy suitable for boys than girls.

– You can use a toy of Crane Lift w/Dumper in kindergartens and schools to encourage them.

– Crane Lift w/Dumper toy works to satisfy the child’s tendencies and satisfy his desires.

– The toy of Crane Lift w/Dumper of the collective play.

– A winch and flipping toy that help the child to integrate and mix with his classmates and get rid of shyness.

– Crane Lift w/Dumper toy is one of the best toys that you can offer your child as a kind of gift.

– Crane Lift w/Dumper toy is made of the finest types of wood to maintain the safety of your child’s health.

– Crane Lift w/Dumper toy is characterized by its bright colors that attract your child with pleasure.

goals that Crane Lift w/Dumper toy seek to:

1- Develop the baby’s delicate muscles.

2- To develop in him the concept of balance and balance.

3- It creates an atmosphere of interaction and participation between children.

4- Development of the child’s tendencies and desires.

The toy consists of Crane Lift w/Dumper

– little truck.

– Sliding board.

– weight lifter.

– Wooden cubes.

– 3 figures in the form of two engineers.