Car Carrier

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Car carrier

– Many children are inclined to the world of cars, their manufacture and transport.

– The car Carrier toy is available on the Bryto Store for toys, educational toys and skills development

– Car Carrier toy helps to know the components of the car.

– Car Carrier can be used from 4 years old to 8 years old.

– Car Carrier toy makes your child aware of the types of cars

– Car Carrier is a wooden toy that keeps your child safe.

– Car Carrier toy works to satisfy the child’s tendencies and his desires for cars.

– Car carrier toy is more suitable for boys than girls.

– The car carrier toy can be played individually or in a group mode.

Car Carrier toy helps

1- Development of thinking and creativity in the child.

2- Developing the spirit of participation and group.

3- Development of the child’s body muscles.

4- Encouraging children to invent and innovate.

The car Carrier toy consists of

– An auto truck its two wooden floors.

– Colorful mini cars.