Kitchen Toys

Kitchen Toys

Our kitchen games are games that are very popular among children, especially girls, and they are a lot of fun

It includes many pieces of kitchen accessories, with an integrated sink, an interactive cooktop and even the oven door open, a realistic cooking game ready for a cake or even a Sunday roast! Kids can pretend to wash food in a small sink, and even organize a kitchen with convenient storage space.

This adorable cooking game includes everything a little mom needs to cook her. A set of kitchen utensils and all the sounds and activity like in a real kitchen … When washing dishes, little princesses can turn on music to play, so they will never be boring … with their beautiful lights, kids will never fall asleep … that’s great! This is a simulation game that features activity for children aged 3 years and over.

The kitchen games that we provide for your children are educational games par excellence, except for the vitality and activity that are the fun element in the game; There is also an element of learning and acquiring skills that are useful for the child and beneficial to him when he grows up. As he will go through many experiences while playing kitchen games, and each one of them will benefit from a specific thing. The story is that your child will be able to develop his skills of self-reliance and a sense of responsibility, then develop his creativity in the field of cooking.

Self-reliance: Raising the child to become independent on his own and relying on himself is one of the most important things that the mother is keen on, that the child in his first stage of development depends on the mother completely for food, cleaning and obtaining all his needs, but with the passage of time and the child’s advancement in age, he begins to depend He is less dependent on his mother when it comes to food and drink, but remains dependent on her for support, love and affection. Therefore, our kitchen game trains your child to depend on himself in cooking by providing all the tools and tools he will need. Thus, the child will realize in an enjoyable way that he likes that it is his duty and right upon himself to cook the food that he wants to eat, of course not while he is at a young age, but he will understand the meaning of that and its necessity when he reaches a specific age. He will also be able to cook for himself in case the mother is away for a long time. But we strongly emphasize that you teach your children the safety rules by staying away from fire and sharp tools when they are young, as they can be given the power to use real fire, that is, in reality outside the scope of the game, gradually according to the ability of each child.

Developing a spirit of responsibility in the child: Many parents may face difficulty in making their children bear responsibility in general, and we know how hard it is to raise irresponsible children. Therefore, we decided to offer you and your children kitchen games that will greatly help your child to take responsibility for his actions, whether their actions are right or wrong. He feels that the kitchen game is his kingdom and this will hold him responsible because he will not want to fail to do something. With your help your child will understand the meaning of responsibility and learn over time how to apply it in his daily life.

Creativity in Cooking: Babies love to play with their food. Although most parents are not encouraged at the dinner table, why not let the kids have a little fun while preparing the meal? Many cooking-related tasks, such as kneading dough, enhance children’s motor skills. Even very young children who cannot use the dough sheeting tool enjoy playing with the dough and creating special shapes. Older children can learn the process of making the dough and then help with the rolling of the dough to make the cake.

Hygiene is important: It is also important to teach the child the basics of hygiene and safety in the kitchen at a very early age, such as explaining to her child the importance of washing his hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before eating food, washing vegetables and fruits before eating or cooking them and how to use the stove and oven safely, and dangerously Put raw meat alongside other foods.

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