Is your child happy with the quarantine

Is your child happy with the quarantine

Is your child happy with the quarantine

Following what the world knows about the events of these days regarding the spread of the Corona virus, children were forced to sit at home, which may pose a big problem for some due to its habit of doing a range of activities outside the home. While some children may consider it a good thing, they use it to their advantage to practice activities for which they did not find enough time before this crisis.

My child is happy with quarantine:

 The following activities make children happy by sitting at home:

Longer time to play:

 If you allow your child more time to play with his brothers and share some games, such as playing cards for half an hour a day, chess, or using Bright Horizon games as suitable for all ages, then your child will be happy to stay at home.


 Children love to play sports especially with their parents, so if you devote a good time to exercise at home with some music to increase enthusiasm and take a warm bath after exercise, make sure your child is very happy.

Favorite hobby:

 If you encourage your child to be more talented and provide him with the necessary tools to practice in his spare time, that is, after studying remotely, be sure that your child is happy with the quarantine.

My child is sad in quarantine:

These things keep happiness away from the child.


Too much sad news about this crisis and mention the number of injured and the number of deaths all of the time negatively affects the child and makes him very sad.

Lack of renewal:

 the child sitting at home makes it necessary for the parents together to agree on various activities for the family to do, taking care not to repeat the same activities every day dividing those agreed activities by the days. If you do not focus on this point, your child will feel bored and lonely, even though he is near you.

 Obsessive hygiene:

 It is known that children do not care much about hygiene in the days before the crisis and that they place a large burden on them. And since the prevention of this virus requires a lot of hand washing and sterilization, the child’s aversion to this situation will increase, especially if you are cleaning abnormally and exaggerated.

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