Is Corona tribulation or a grant

Is Corona tribulation or a grant

   Is Corona tribulation or a grant

  The spread of the Coronavirus and the resulting double-edged sword may have
distress and disaster that will cause us tragedy and grief. Also, we may have
an opportunity that we should make the best use of and be reasonable in dealing
with. Corona virus is a distress or a grant, we are the ones who decide that,
with our behaviors and thoughts. When, then, is this virus an ordeal for us and
when is it a grant for us?

Corona is a distress:

 the Corona virus is an ordeal and a heavy burden upon us if these things permeate
our lives:

             Negative energy:

 When a person permits negative energy to enter
his life, he becomes pessimistic and frustrated all the time, and he feels
misery and does not then become able to avoid the atmosphere of depression that
surrounds him.

             Excessive and permanent thinking about the crisis:

 It is true that we live in a crisis these days
as a result of the spread of the Corona virus, but remember this every minute
and overwork in thinking about it, and try to think of solutions that we
already know are impossible or do not exist, this really increases the severity
of the crisis and It makes this virus a real ordeal and disaster.

            Misuse of time and resources:

 Some people find it difficult to live without
following the routine they used to live in. In light of this crisis, they have
to put in place another timeline, which will create difficulty for them to
adapt to the current situation, especially if they are people who like to leave
the house a lot.

Corona is a

The Corona Virus is a grant to us and
an opportunity that we can use to achieve success if we can achieve the

           Exploiting time:

That is, the maximum benefit should be
achieved from staying at home, by developing skills, caring for children and
explaining the current situation to them using educational methods or
educational games from Bright Horizon,
and making sure to follow them to their studies, this will strengthen the
child’s smart skills, and sports can also be practiced in Collectively home.

           Helping the needy:

 Since the quarantine in which we live has
prevented some people from their work from which they live, it is right to help
them by giving them some supplies according to our financial capabilities, and
it is important to alert our children to this in order to cultivate a spirit of
cooperation in them.

          Positive Energy:

The most important thing at this stage
is to be positive and strong to tackle this pandemic. Where you can hear your
favorite music or activities that make you happy and active.

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