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IQ Games

Intelligence games are among the most requested games because they have a great benefit on the child’s mental health, as it greatly develops his mental abilities and strengthens his memory well in a fun way. Also, this group of games is geared towards adults as well, not just kids.

In this article, you will see how a child can benefit from intelligence games in a distinctive way, then we will learn about the most important advantages that the child will be able to master through this group of our games. We remind you that our games are educational games with distinction and designed in a distinctive way that children like and entertain them away from boredom or staying in front of screens, whether in front of a television set, a phone or a computer.

Have a quick thinking:

Intelligence games usually present some situations that require thinking for some time. Memory or guessing game, for example, requires a good mental effort to remember the correct place for the pieces, and since the games that we offer are fun because they have great ideas, such as a memory game in the shapes of a chicken or ladybug, your child  will feel excited while thinking about how to remember the first or the correct place for each piece and by repeating the game, i.e. putting the pieces arranged randomly and rearranging them in the correct way again, this repetitive process will enable your child to have the speed of thinking because the child, naturally and unconsciously, will challenge himself by speeding up Each time, these games prove that they are educational games par excellence.

Development of mental skills:

 The development of mental skills in children at an early age is of utmost importance, as they must be constantly trained to develop their ways of thinking and thus make their ideas enjoy positive and creative at the same time so that they can develop good and useful plans for their lives and outline lofty goals as well as a process they work. To achieve them diligently while they grow little by little. This is because all parents strive to make their children distinguished by mental abilities and wonderful mental skills such as memory power, high IQ, speed in thinking and good thinking and the ability to calculate well, especially mental arithmetic, developing skills of seeing things from multiple sides, understanding difficult situations and understanding difference between things and the wisdom in that and accepting the reality as it is, and even developing it to suit what is required. In summary, our intelligence games will help you a lot to achieve the first stages in developing the smart baby skills of your child.

Exploiting time in beneficial matters:

 With the development of electronic devices and the widespread use of screens for a long time, children’s pleasure has become dependent on sitting in front of a television, phone or computer screen. These methods are really enjoyable, but they are terribly time consuming and exhaust the child’s health so much that his intelligence level decreases little by little. But our intelligence games do not harm the health of the child at all in all respects, as it is of course a successful investment where the child’s time is not wasted on trivial matters because it is very beneficial as we mentioned previously.

 The child, as a whole, needs to feel his self-confidence and be proud of his accomplishments, and this is exactly what the intelligence games achieve, because the child feels great achievement through his ability to remember things accurately, and he becomes more and more encouraged, which makes him proud of himself and very happy, and as a result he becomes confident in himself and With his skills, because he acquires the skills of an intelligent child.

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