How to prepare children to sit at home

How to prepare children to sit at home with the spread of Corona epidemic

 How to prepare children to sit at home with the spread of Corona epidemic

The world knows nowadays the spread of the Corona pandemic, which, according to specialists, is
a serious epidemic that spreads during people mixing with each other, that is, in gatherings, schools, markets, etc. So people are concerned with sitting in their homes and educating their children about this necessity, while maintaining cleanliness, sterilization, and keeping away from patients with
this The virus.

    It is very obvious that it is
difficult to accept the idea of
​​staying at home throughout the
day, especially difficult for children, as they are familiar with playing with
their friends in school and in the neighborhood. Under these exceptional
circumstances, you, as parents, prepare your children to sit at home and below
we will show you some ways that help you for that.

The placement of children in the

children do not have a strong relationship with the media for some reasons,
parents are obligated to inform their children about what is happening in the
world and make them aware of the seriousness of the situation, but in a manner
commensurate with their absorptive abilities, that is, without scaring them to
the point of communicating them away from family members as well, where they
should not Their discussion of financial or political problems in a large way which
gives them a negative energy and deludes them that they should think about such

Erase the idea of ​​isolation:

 One of the things that makes the idea of ​​staying at home unacceptable and even
frightening for c
hildren is that they think that they will be isolated from the world they used to live in and therefore parents have to reassure their children and explain that the current situation will end after a while and life will return to what was However, until the effect of this advice appears, you should repeat it every time you feel that your children are
confused and disturbed by their stay at home.

Outside the house is inside it now:

staying at home does not mean at all that life will stop, but
rather the activities that we were practicing outside  home can be transferred to be practiced inside
it, confirmation of this idea from time to time will help the children a lot to
follow their activities and will distract them from their concern about the
temporary departure from their friends where Parents can accompany their
children and compensate them for what they lost in this period. In an article
other than this you will find how to spend time indoors with children in the
Corona crisis.

     Finally, we reaffirm to you, you
are obligated to educate your children about the need to sit at home without
causing you problems by wanting to leave, and you should motivate them and lure
them with some activities so that you can keep them in your homes.

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