How to invest time while sitting at home in the shadow

How to invest time while sitting at home in the shadow of the Corona crisis

How to invest time while sitting at home in the shadow of the Corona crisis

The quarantine that we live in these days due to the Corona
crisis is a great pressure for many of us, and this is due to the fact that
they have familiarized their lives including activities and tasks, so they feel
stagnant . For this we will show you how to invest your time while sitting
with your children at home and push them to forget  that Hard Time.

Watching a movie:

 Children enjoy a lot
when they sit down to watch a movie while they are with their parents,  they yearn _ in normal days, that is, before
the Corona crisis _ to have a good time with their parents ,and having fun
will increase more if popcorn or some snacks such as salads, fruits or nuts are
prepared, it is useful For health.

Fun games:

always strive to play with their parents, so parents must take advantage of
this circumstance and play with their children as much as possible ;So  you can play cards or chess, as they are fun
and educational games at the same time and increase the child’s intelligence
rate, and you can also benefit from games Bright
,they are many and beneficial, in addition to that
,the  happiness of your children  will increase if you play a game of acting
with your children, where you can play many roles and plays.

Practicing sport :

This circumstance must be exploited for our benefit and for
the benefit of our children. So exercising with our children will strengthen
our bodies and increase our activity and the activity of our children and make
them more positive, as it will enable them to accept the idea of
​​staying at home and then know that this
is in their interest.

Follow-up of the study:

Staying at home as a result of the spread of the Corona virus
does not mean that the study has stopped for your children, but the reality is
that only going ti school was stopped so it was compensated by studying online ,
meaning that children are obligated to continue their studies and complete
their exercises, ;of course ,This task is difficult for children on
their own, thus you, parents, can help your children to accomplish their
exercises, and you will work in this way to strengthen your relationship with
your children.

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