How do I raise self-reliance in my child

How do I raise self-reliance in my child

How do I raise self-reliance in my child

Every child has energies and qualifications that he can lead his life with, except for some children who take advantage of these qualifications in their daily lives, relying on themselves only without the need of others ’while other children remain in need of those who depend on him to spend their issues even if they can do it themselves.

If your child is the type that depends on others, here are some steps to gain independence and make him dependent on himself:

Freedom of choice:

 Maintain the freedom of your child to choose any choice of his clothes and colors, choose his friends, whether in the neighborhood or at school, choose the cartoon series that he wants to follow, choose the games he wants to play with while ensuring that they will not harm his health and that they are educational games, choosing Sitting position, choosing stories that he wants to read. Make sure that you do not interfere with your child’s personal choices so that he does not depend on you but rather explain to him that he must make his own choice.

Do not do his work:

 Holding your child responsible for doing the things he can do, and avoiding transferring this responsibility to you and doing what you have been assigned to him as this will make him realize that others will always do his work for him. Leave him the opportunity to do the matter in his own way and do not cancel the mission. Kindly to him if he starts to complain, but tell him that you will reward him if he ends what he assigned him and will punish him if he does not do so, he will be encouraged to do the matter. Also tell him that the reward will not be every time he does something so that he not only works for the reward but for the development of his skills.

Teach him the psychological independence:

Do not allow your child to relate his feelings to you, kindly explain to him that you are separate, meaning that his feelings and the way he perceives things are different from your method and different from the way anyone else, then show him some rigor each time he tries to rely on you to silence him When he cries, either intentionally, to see your reaction or a desire to cry only, but if it is worth it, hurry to embrace him and provide him with feelings of love and tenderness.

The error is not a defect:

teach your child that doing something wrong is not a reason to rely on others to solve it , but rather he must repeat it himself in order to do it right.

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