How do I give my child success skills ?

How do I give my child success skills ?

  How do I give my child success skills ?     

All parents share
that they aim to make their children Successful, each in its own way. But this
success does not come as soon as we wanted it. Rather, it takes effort and
time, as well as following advice, which will be detailed below , It
facilitates the process of building a successful life for the child with sound
and strong skills.

The following are the most important skills that must be
acquired for the child in practical ways that make it smooth and easy for both


the self-confidence of the child is an obligation for the parents, without
which the child will be lost between hesitation, confusion, and not taking a
decision. The child will have self-confidence as soon as he realizes that his
parents trust him and ask him about his opinion and hold him some responsibility,
even in simple matters.


Man’s strength manifests itself in self-reliance and not
dependence on others, so parents are obligated to teach their children how to
depend on themselves, by assuming the tasks that they can do according to their
age and body strength, such as organizing their toys, choosing their clothes,
or even folding them.

Show morals and politeness:

One of the most important features of success is that a person
be of high morals and polite. In order for parents to acquire their children
this skill, it is necessary, as the most important and first step, to set an
example for their children, that is, to ensure the goodness of their morals
before they teach it to their children ,then They should punish their children
if they are not polite while talking to someone.

Good communication:

 Success is not only
related to work but also to communication skills, so parents must teach their
children these skills, which are good choice of words, careful understanding of
the other, then answer logically in line with the context of speech and then
good listening. To be able to these skills must be applied in Home in daily
life with care to advise the child to avoid some words and other use.

studying is important:

extent of the child’s success, and the human being in general, is related to
the extent of his learning. this means that parents are responsible for teaching
their children to write, read, and calculate, as these are indispensable things
in life in addition to teaching them at least one of the languages
than their mother tongue. Also, care must be taken to provide them with
informations and educate them. This will help them more to succeed.


attainment of success and the acquisition of its skills need to put in place a
structured program in which the priorities and the specific timing of each
session are taken into account, and because it is self-evident that the child
cannot do this alone, the responsibility of teaching the child how to plan well
rests with parents not to waste time and make the best use of it.

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