Happy life at home

Happy life at home

Happy life at home  

 Creating happiness
at home is not a difficult thing, and it does not depend mainly on owning much
money as some think, but rather depends on the wild desire to create it and
invent the active and active means that fill the house with happiness and joy.
Also, some of the actions that some may take without awareness of them that
they remove happiness and compensate them with anxiety and grief, so negative
feelings dominate family members instead of positive feelings.


 The routine is the most important thing that
prevents a person from feeling happy, as what he lives today he  will live tomorrow and the next day and so on,
this repetition in the way of life causes the person to feel used to his activities,
which makes it unable for giving him the happiness that may give him If not

 Learning something new:

Learning new things gives you a
feeling of happiness because you feel good about yourself, just as learning
takes time, meaning that your happiness will remain constant as long as you
learn this thing, and every time you discover something about what you learn,
your pleasure will increase and therefore the level of your happiness will
rise. Learn a new game, a way to prepare a plate, or even a new language. You
can also learn how to draw or read a novel or a book. Unleash your imagination,
there is a lot to learn.

Rest and

Taking a break every day, or every
time you feel tired, helps to calm your nerves. A person who has calm nerves
can think of the things that make him happy, unlike the person with
revolutionary nerves, where the latter is an obstacle between him and his


 If you
don’t find what you are doing to feel happy, don’t worry but get up and make
memories that you remember after a while. You can listen to music and dance to
it, change the color of your room wall or draw something that you like, watch
one of the movies that makes you happy, i.e. with beautiful feelings, play with
your brothers or friends, be fun and try to make your parents or your children
happy, chande your hairstyle, play games Enjoyable from Bright Horizon

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