Writing board- number

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Writing board- number



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Writing board- number


  • The fun children’s blackboard is one of the most important tools for children learning to write and read in an interesting and loving way for children without any obstacles.
  • This game helps to attract children’s attention and increase the concentration of children who suffer from distraction.
  • This interesting blackboard contains solids for numbers and arithmetic signs, which help children arrange numbers from 1:10 and do it in the English language.
  • Through these models, a strategy can be applied that matches the numbers and puts every two numbers alike, which develops the child’s ability to concentrate and memorize.
  • Helping mothers teach their children to learn large numbers and small numbers and the difference between them.
  • It develops many skills, such as the skill of distinguishing between arithmetic signs (plus, minus, equal to, greater than, less than).
  • It develops and strengthens children’s attention, and stimulates brain cells.
  • Helps to strengthen the child’s delicate muscles through his ability to hold the whiteboard pen.
  • Developing your child’s linguistic outcome and gaining him new concepts such as (addition, subtraction, equal, largest, and smallest).
  • This interesting blackboard is one of the Bryto Store educational games, as it cares about everything that is suitable for your little child.
  • Suitable for children from three years old to six years old.