writing board -arabic letters & numbers

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writing board -arabic letters & numbers



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writing board -arabic letters & numbers

Blackboard writing Arabic letters and numbers

  • The fun children’s blackboard is one of the most important tools for children learning to read and write the alphabet and numbers in an interesting and beloved way for children without any obstacles.
  • This game helps to attract children’s attention and increase the concentration of children who suffer from distraction.
  • This interesting whiteboard is one of the brightest store educational games, as it cares about everything that is suitable for your little child.
  • Suitable for children from the age of three years and above.
  • This interesting whiteboard contains magnetic figures for numbers, arithmetic signs and alphabets, which helps children arrange the alphabets in an interesting way and numbers in English.
  • Encourages and attracts children’s interest to hold the pen, write and learn easily.
  • Helping mothers teach their children to learn large numbers and small numbers and the difference between them.
  • It develops many skills, such as the skill of distinguishing between arithmetic signs (plus, minus, equal to, greater than, less than).
  • Through this blackboard, you can learn to read and write for your child in an entertaining and loving way.
  • It develops and strengthens children’s attention, and stimulates brain cells.
  • Helps to strengthen the child’s delicate muscles through his ability to hold the whiteboard pen.
  • Developing your child’s linguistic outcome and gaining him new concepts such as (addition, subtraction, equal, largest, and smallest).
  • Finally, everything in Bryto Store adds a bit of joy and pleasure while learning.