Wall Toy – Airplane

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Wall Toy - Airplane


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Wall Toy – Airplane

– A very useful and beautiful toy for your child is available in the Bryto Store for Toys, educational toys and skills development.

– For children from 2 years old to 9 years old.

– Wall Toy – Airplane made of the best types of wood materials, which do not affect the health and safety of children.

– This toy characterized by its delightful colors, which work to infuse the spirit of fun in your child.

– it Help your child to learn clock, drawing, alignment and arrangement.

– it is undergone all kinds of quality and safety tests in the largest laboratories devoted to safety and quality.

– Wall Toy – Airplane is very suitable for schools and kindergartens, as it is used in the classroom and in private places where children gather.

– This Toy is one of the Toys that can be played individually or collectively.

– Wall Toy – Airplane is considered one of the safe Toys for your child, which helps in developing many motor skills, visual as well as auditory and synergy between them.

And it works to develop your child’s intelligence and teach geometric shapes.

Wall Toy – Airplane aims at

1- Development of visual-motor synergy.

2- It works to develop fine muscles.

3- The child learns the skill of jaw and composition.

4- To develop the skill of color coordination.

Wall Toy – Airplane consists of five parts

– first part consists of several helicopters of different sizes that are installed and disassembled in a specific way.

– second part consists of a numbered wall clock that helps your child to learn the clock.

– third part consists of a maze that contains several geometric shapes, each shape being shifted to the corresponding shape.

– fourth part consists of a drawing board that contains several shapes that help to learn drawing.

– fifth part consists of a twisted wire fixed to it by several balls that are moved in a specific way.