Toss Game Basketball Set

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Toss Game Basketball Set


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Toss Game Basketball Set

Shooting and basketball set

  1. It is considered one of the dual sports that develops, strengthens and imparts many skills, as it positively affects the personality of the child and spends an enjoyable and entertaining leisure time.
  2. Sport has many benefits for children and their physical, psychological and social health.
    • It raises the child’s IQ levels, so that he is smarter than other children who do not play sports.
    • With the presence of basketball, this game enhances the strength of the muscles of the body, as this sport contributes to increasing the strength of the back muscles, calf muscles, hand and arm muscles, and large and delicate muscles.
    • This game is one of the games that prepares the writing process.
  3. It helps to impart new concepts such as gain and loss, and achieving goals.
    • It develops the concept of the team and the spirit of the group, and the positive competition between the two teams.
    • It develops motor skills such as visual-motor synergy and balance during the child’s ability to score goals through basketball or by using the colored balls cannon.
    • It strengthens and develops the process of focus and attention.
    • Enhancing a person’s self-confidence, as when he has achieved many goals, he can feel a wonderful mood.
    • Finally, Bryto Store has provided this multi-use and location game by spending your child’s leisure time practicing the sport he loves.
    • Suitable for all children’s places such as the playroom, kindergarten, children’s skills development centers.
  4. Suitable for children from the age of six years and above.