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Tent 5X1


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Tent 5X1

– Tent toys are among the best toys that children tend to, especially in their early ages, and it is among the fun toys for them.

– Help teach a young child to crawl and entertain.

– Tent available in Bryto Store for educational toys and skill development.

– Such toy is used from the age of one year to the age of 8 years

– This toy is used in kindergartens, schools, open places, and picnic places.

– This toy contains adventure and suspense.

– This toy is characterized by being multicolored, which serves to bring joy and pleasure to the child.

– Play in a group manner, help the child to make friends and teach to wait for the turn.

– Made of the finest plastic and rubber that are safe for your child.

– It help the child to focus and solve problems.

– The toy is characterized by being easy to spread and join, and it is used in many places.

– Enable your child to spend his spare time on things that are likable to him and suitable for his age.

Tent toy consists of five parts

1- square-shaped core house with many balls.

2- cylindrical tube connecting the first part of the third part of the toy.

3- The core house is pyramid in shape that contains many balls.

4- Cylindrical tube connecting the third and fifth and last parts.

5- pentagonal part with the ball without a ball when connecting a mechanism that the child knows that he has reached the end of the toy