Shooting Target - Horse

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Shooting Target - Horse



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Shooting Target – Horse

Shooting Target – Horse

– This toy is a multi-objective toy that seeks to teach your child more skills and provide him with information about horses.

– This toy is suitable for children from 5 years old and above.

– The horse-target shooting toy is available on the Bryto Store for toys, educational toys and skills development.

– This toy seeks to teach the child to focus on the goal to be achieved.

– It works to strengthen the child’s intelligence and learn the skill of solving problems.

– Its group toys that help your child to participate, social cooperation and wait for the turn.

– Help the child control his balance and strengthen his muscles.

– This toy is used in schools, kindergartens, and children’s learning centers.

– This toy can reveal the presence or development of your child’s talents.

Shooting Target – Horse toy is to:

1- The development of attention and focus in the child.

2- Development of visual-kinesthetic synergy.

3- Developing problem-solving skills and strengthening intelligence.

4- Teaching the child to benefit from the mistake and try not to repeat it.

Shooting Target – Horse consists of:

– Double-sided magnetic carpet.

– The first side is a circle divided into several parts, each part includes a specific number or a certain degree.

– The other side consists of drawings (horse – star – rainbow – magic wand – clouds), each of which represents the 100th number.

–  group of correction arrows.