shooting Elephant Rings

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shooting Elephant Rings



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shooting Elephant Rings

shooting Elephant Rings

– shooting Elephant Rings Toy is one of the important Toys that develop and help increase the child’s focus and attention to things from around him.

– shooting Elephant Rings Toy is characterized by its bright colors that attract the child’s attention with ease.

shooting Elephant Rings Toy consists of: –

1- Three colored rings.

2- Three faces of the elephant, which are mounted so that the child can throw rings on the nose of the elephant.

3- A square base of cardboard.

– How to play shooting Elephant Rings Toy: –

1- Three children gather, each child expresses a specific team.

2- Every child chooses one of the three faces.

3- Each child waits in the turn until he throws his own ring on the elephant’s nose and hits the target.

4- The winning team or child is the one that scores the most rings against its elephant.

– Thus, shooting Elephant Rings Toy is distinguished in that it helps to develop the spirit of competition, cooperation and waiting for the turn.

– Through the child’s ability to correct correction, this helps to develop visual-motor synergy and increase the child’s intelligence.

– The elephant shooting Toy helps to identify and match colors.

And because Bryto Store cares about everything new, Bryto Store for educational Toys and skill development is available with an elephant shooting Toy.

– The Toy is suitable for children from 4 years old to above.

– shooting Elephant Rings Toy is suitable for children’s gathering as it is a group Toy, schools and kindergartens, and children’s gathering places.