Sandbags Throwing

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Sandbags Throwing


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Throw sandbags

  • It is considered one of the best treatments in the field of visual development for young children under five years of age, as this game requires you to focus on your entire field of vision.
  • It is suitable for young children, as it strengthens their large muscles while throwing the sandbag.
  • Children are motivated to walk faster through their desire to play.
  • This game is suitable for children from four years old to older than that.
  • This distinctive game is available in our Bryto Store for educational games and skills development, as we care about the happiness of our children and provide them with the skills that are being fought by technology.
  • The idea of ​​this game is very beautiful, as it helps the children to focus and set the goal and balance at the same time The idea is suitable for kindergarten children and children with autism.
  • This game helps children with autism and children of hyperactivity and movement, as they can be taught a skill that distinguishes different colors, and to do a sporting effort that is beneficial to the body.
  • Help teach children a positive challenge while playing.
  • It helps to learn large and small numbers, and win and lose while playing.
  • It strengthens the large and delicate muscles through its ability to aim in the place designated for it.
  • It develops and stimulates his ability to distinguish between places in which he scores the largest number of points.
  • This game is considered one of the fun games that young children want to play while they are in their play areas, and therefore it is suitable for the games hall in kindergartens, schools and centers for developing the skills of people with special needs.