Rollercoaster table

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Roller Coaster Table



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Rollercoaster table


– Roller coaster table is a toy that is distinguished by that it develops many of the skills that every educational institution wants to develop, such as the child’s intelligence and his ability to pay attention to things from around him, and the distinction between colors.

Roller coaster table is available at Bryto Store for educational toys and skill development.

– Roller coaster table toy suitable for children from 3 years to 9 years.

– Roller coaster table toy suitable for schools, kindergartens, children’s gathering places and centers that work on developing the child’s skills.

Roller coaster table is a toy that develops many skills

1- Roller coaster table, a toy that develops the child’s imagination and broadens his horizon.

2- The baby develops the fine muscles through his ability to move the beads.

3- Working to know the different colors and the distinction between them.

4- It works to help the child to get to know the farm and the animals that live inside it (such as birds, horse and cow)

5- He helps develop the spirit of participation and group by playing with his friends.

Roller coaster table consist of

1- A medium-sized wooden table.

2- Several colored wires intertwined with each other.

3- Many colored beads.

4- Decorating the farm, the animals of the farm, and the farmer who takes care of the farm.