Ring Toss Game Set

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Ring Toss Game Set



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Ring Toss Game Set

Shooting ring set

  • Shooting games are one of the games that strengthen the process of focus and attention through play, entertainment and suspense.
  • Through the child’s ability to correct correction, this helps to develop visual-motor synergy and increase the child’s intelligence.
  • The idea of ​​this game is very beautiful, as it helps the children to focus and set the goal and balance at the same time The idea is suitable for kindergarten children and children with autism.
  • Develop the skill of team play and the concept of win and loss.
  • It strengthens the large and delicate muscles through its ability to aim in the place designated for it.
  • The correction game in which it helps to know the different colors, their matching and distinguishing between them.
  • It helps to gain new concepts such as gain and loss, knowledge of large and small numbers and its ability to distinguish between places through which to guess the largest number of points.
  • And because Bryto Store is interested in everything new, Bryto Store for educational games and skills development has a set of shooting rings.
  • The game is suitable for children from 6 years old to above.
  • This game is suitable for children’s gathering as it is a team game, as well as schools, kindergartens and skills development centers.