Ring Toss Game Archery Set

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Ring Toss Game Archery Set



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Ring Toss Game Archery Set

Correction and shooting game set

    • This game is one of the double games in which children spend their free time entertaining, learning and developing many skills that every mother wants her child to acquire in a fun and loving way.
  • It is considered one of the games that attract children’s attention to play and keep away from distractions and electronic games that weaken children’s concentration.
    • Suitable for children with special needs, especially those who suffer from rapid distraction and impulsivity, and it is suitable for the gifted category, where they have the talent to challenge and try to achieve goals.
    • Suitable for children from the age of 6 years and above.
  • It is the key to developing many of our skills, from the cognitive type to the social and communicative type, such as: –
        • Encouraging positive competition between children by playing in groups.
        • Helps to increase focus and attention.
        • Improving mental and mental abilities.
        • Develop the child’s ability to distinguish different colors.
        • It works to strengthen visual memory by tracking the order of colors.
  • 7 – Strengthen and develop large and delicate muscles while being able to stretch the arrow with full force and activity.
    • This game contains the development of visual focus in particular and visual-motor synergy in general.
  • It suits many places for children to gather, such as:
  • Kindergarten – Skills Development Room – Skills Development Centers.
  • And finally, our Bryto Storehas provided this toy with attractive colors and important goals and made of the finest quality that is safe for your child.