Puzzle game All kinds of food

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Puzzle game All kinds of food



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Puzzle game All kinds of food

Puzzle game All kinds of food

This game is found in the Bryto Store for toys, educational tools and skills development, which cares about everything related to your child and what suits his inclinations and desires.

It is a bag with a set of overlapping parts of the puzzle, on which there are pictures of all kinds of food, and the other part of the puzzle that overlaps with it is written on it the name of that food in English.

This game helps your child with spelling and pronunciation of words.

Through it, the child can express his favorite food and why it is his favorite.

This game adds to your child many vocabulary and linguistic concepts and help him increase his vocabulary.

This is a very suitable game for schools and kindergartens, as it is used in the classroom and in private places where children gather.

This game is suitable for children from 3 years old to 10 years old.

This game is one of the most educational and entertaining games that your child can use.

This game also works to develop visual synergy as well as visual memory.

– Help your child to develop and develop the child’s imagination and creativity.

It is used with children with special needs and helps them in developing his skills.